Network Tools

Whois Query With this tool you can extract and review actual registration information about IP-adress, networks and autonomous system numbers owners. Spam Check Checks if a given IP is blacklisted with the most known and used over the world spam filter databases. Ports scan This security tool allows you to check if there are any ports opened at your computer or network router and indicates if it's vulnerable to network attacks. Anti-virus On-Line anti-virus tool, specially created to help you find virus in a file on your computer or to check a suspicious file in the Internet before download it. Traceroute Trace-route network host. This tool is allowing to determine the routing of the data packets in network to the destination host. Ping Ping host. This utility allows to measure round-trip time of the messages between hosts. Practically allows to determine given host reachability. Geo-IP This tool allows you to determine the geographical location of an IP-address or host precisely up to the city. Check E-mail Within this tool it is possible to check if a given e-mail address exists or not. Trace E-mail This utility will help you analyze an e-mail header and find its origin. Subnet
Help calculate subnetworks, netmasks, address ranges and helps planning IP-network. Fully supports IPv4 and IPv6.