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This tool allows you to test existance of a given e-mail address. Just simply enter e-mail address in a field of the form above, press "Check" button and wait until you'll get the result.

There is no 100% guarantee you'll get a correct result on any e-mail address. Generally the result of testing depends on a configuration of mail server. For example, with such popular mail services as Google Mail or Hotmail this tool works completely correct.

WARNING! For spammers and e-mail bulk checkers. Don't try to perform scripted bulk e-mail checks at our server. First of all this tool is secured with the Turing test, which we don't show to all normal website visitors at the begining, but show it automatically if we found your behavior suspisions. It means that all bots you will write will fail after several requests. For second, if you'll keep abuse our servers your IP will be permanently banned at our web server and all the traffic to/from your IP will be permanently dropped by our firewall. Plus we will report about a spam from your IP to all possible DNSBLs.