Why does my host not pinged?

Sometimes you may find that ping tool produces fault results, marked with "*". It's absolutely normal for several cases you have to know about.

If you make ping to your PC (your host), in this case, you are absolutely assured that your PC is running. By the way, when you've faced fault results in such situation, most probably because your configuration or firewall does not allow ICMP traffic.

If you are accessing the Internet through a router or gateway in a local network, ICMP traffic is may be blocked on the router or gateway.

Another reason could be if you're trying to ping a host, which is unreachable or is not operational. In other words - computer, you're trying to ping is turned off or unplugged from the network.

Why ICMP traffic disabled?

There is a reason disabling an incoming ICMP traffic for security reasons, to prevent computer or network device from ICMP flooding. Some network administrators like to deny an ICMP traffic from all the hosts, and enable for only those they trust.

How to enable incoming ICMP traffic for my PC from this website?

It's easy to do if you're familiar with Firewall software on your PC. You just need to create a rule allowing ICMP incoming traffic from smart-ip.net IP-address, which is ""

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