What is static IP?

Static IP address is a permanently assigned number to a device in a network. It means that this type of address is not changed through time and always identifying the same device to which it is assigned to.

Usually all the servers in the Internet have a static IP address type. It is required to make them operate properly. Permanent assignment of an address to the server provides an ability to be assured that by using the same address today, tomorrow and any other time in the future, you will get an access to the same device in the network.

For example, if you want to organize a permanent access to your home PC, or you want to make your PC act as a web or game server, you may need to have a dedicated static IP assigned to your computer.

Most of the ISPs provides special offers to their clients who need a static IP, but usually it requires an additional fees. So, if you need to obtain a static IP, you need to ask your Internet service provider for that.

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