What is Geo-IP?

Geo-IP - is a special service, which performs a resolution of a given IP address to geographical location coordinates.

Naturally, you have to understand that it is not possible to determine your exact real geolocation at a given time only by an IP-address. By the way, by using the specific databases, which are built from IP registration WHOIS data sources, it is possible, with some assumption, to determine a country, region and city for an IP address. Usually such an information is provided by Internet Service Providers to the public databases, maintained by five continental IP registrars across the world:

All those registrars are managed by IANA (Internet Authority Numbers Association).

The most actual registrars data could be obtained by visiting a corresponding RIR's website or by using our IP WHOIS service, which automatically determines the corresponding RIR data source for a given IP address and provides a relevant actual information.

As far as accessing this kind of data requires an establishing a network connection, and due to the problems of algorithms complexity for data processing, the real-time requests to extract geo-ip data on-the-fly is reasonably very costly operation from a performance point of view, even for very powerful computers.

To solve this performance problems, special algorithms are applied to build the snapshot of geo-ip database, which is after used to serve the geo-IP requests.

For example, our geo-IP service API is able to hold tens of millions of requests per day on a single server.

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