What is a website?

Website is a network (usually Internet) resource, which consists of set of web pages with a hyper-text, text, media (images, video, audio) and other type of accessible content via one of protocols of web-family.

Web pages and other web files are served by a web server - a special software which is delivering the web content to clients through one of the protocols of web-family. Web family protocols are:

The client to which the server delivers a requested content is usually a web-browser - a specific software which is able to render web-pages and knows how to interact with other types of a web content.

Usually under website should understand all the set of web content served on a unique domain name.

Web content at the website could be static or dynamic.

Static web content

Static web content (or static web page) is stored at a web-server and delivered as them was created by an author. Usually such kind of pages have almost none interaction with user and are created for the read-only purpose.

Dynamic web content

Dynamic web content and web-pages are generated by a web-server's software on-the-fly and could provide a high level of interaction with the user. For example, such page can be generated on a server from different parts, and each part could be build by requesting a database or other web-resources. A dynamic content, which is delivered, is automatically updated through the time. It means that several visits of the same page in a different time may produce different results, or the different content could be delivered to the different users at the same time.

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