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This tool allows you to ping an Internet host by it's name or IP-address. We are supporting ping with both IPv4 & IPv6 protocols. To make a ping just simply paste or type hostname (or IP-address) into the form field above, choose required number of ping retries and press "Ping" button.

For example, try to ping or Also you can try to ping your IP.

When using this tool, you can choose to automatically detect the type of network for a given host, or force to use an exact type of network manually.

If type of network is set to auto-definition, then, when you'll ping a host it will be automatically determined which types of networks are available for a given host. If there are available both protocols - IPv4 and IPv6, it will be choosen the one that corresponds to the same type of your current Internet connection to our website. So if you come to our website through IPv6 protocol - while pinging it will be used IPv6-protocol, IPv4 otherwise. If on a given host is only one protocol enabled it will be selected, regardless of your connection type.

By the way, if you need to force the type of network while pinging a given host, do it manually by setting an appropriate option.