Is it possible to find me or another person by IP?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes, possible. Theoretically. Practically it's could be very hard to do for many different reasons. First of all, you need to understand that there is no direct association of any IP address to any person. But using an indirect data association it is possible to assume, or maybe even really get the facts about some real person, which was using a corresponding IP address at a certain time.

The only easy way to say that behind this IP is this exact person is to go to our main page, lookup an IP address on it, and you can state now for sure that currently this IP is used by you. So the person is established.

For other situations the first problem to solve for you - is to get an IP address of another person. There are several ways to do that:

OK, if you're lucky and was able to get a person's IP address, the next step is determining possible geographical location for this IP, get an ISP name and contact information.

Now all depends on your possibilities. If you're an FBI agent (or something similar) and have rights to push the ISP to get you all logs and client contact information, and was successful on such action - the job is probably almost done. There could be some difficulties if this IP was assigned to some mobile device, which, for example, was not sold to a named person, or was stolen from a third person. Other problems are if it's IP of a proxy which is not in the location of your jurisdiction to get the proxy logs, etc, etc, etc.

If imagine, that we are speaking about the regular user, who was not cared too much about his anonymity, the situation is simple - you got an ISP logs and access to an ISP client database - person is found.

If you are not an FBI agent, you may need to find other way to get the right information.

Here, you need to start to build a person's network profile. Use Google, Bing, Yahoo and other known search engines to lookup the pages in the Internet, containing the given IP address. You have to search for forum's or social network profiles, which are related to this IP and was indexed by a search engines at a certain time (when you were obtained a given address).

If you are familiar with programming or scripting techniques you may even automate this activity.

So far, if you'll be lucky you may find what you need.

There could be other ways to get required information. Use your brains to find those ways.

Despite all of the above, the process to achieve a good result could take a lot of time and resources. And there is no any guarantee that the result will be achieved.

Could you help me find a person by IP?

No. We do not perform this kind of activity and do not plan to perform it in the future. Sorry.

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