How to remove my IP from black lists?

Well, you've found your IP address is blacklited, and you want to remove it from a DNSBL or RBL listings. Here is what you need to understand.

Most of the IP blackhole lists are working in the manner that after the problem, causing a reason for listing, is removed, after some period of time (around 30 days), if no suspicious activity is performed from IP, - it is removed automatically from the listing.

But there could be other rules for removal IP from black lists. These rules are set by a corresponding DNSBL, and you need to check them at corresponding BL website.

Any way, each DNSBL will require to remove the problems, stated with blacklisting reason. So, first you need to do, - is to carefully determine what is the reason and remove all the stated problems at your PC. Only after that it is recommended to proceed posting a removal request to the corresponding DNSBL.

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