How can I hide my IP?

It is really possible to hide an IP address while visiting another web resources. First of all, here is a little drawback of what does mean "hide IP address" itself.

When you accessing some resource on the web, like a website, the web-browser sends to a web server a client's PC IP address. Now let's imagine that we access a website not directly, but through some other PC. In this case, on the website will be detected, not your PC's IP, but the IP of the computer, which you are using as an intermediate point to access that website.

This is a major principal of hiding an IP-address. It looks like you replace your IP-address with an IP-address of another computer.

There are several methods to achieve such result.

By using free proxy

You can find free proxy list at our website. Here is what you should know about using free proxy:

  1. Free proxies are not stable and could disappear from online

  2. Most of them are overloaded and providing low connection speed and latency

  3. You need to verify anonymity of the proxy after set-up it for your connection. There is no guarantee that anonymity level was not changed after our last proxy check. To do it - just visit our "what is my ip" page to see if proxy detected or not.

  4. Transparent proxies does not make you anonymous as far as them pass your IP-address to the destination website, as well. If you are looking for anonymity, do not even choose a transparent proxy from the list.

Here are instructions of how to set-up a proxy for your Internet connection.

Set up proxy for Windows

Set up proxy for Ubuntu Linux

By using secure paid proxy

Paid proxy is a cheap way to get a guarantee for proxy stability, anonymity and acceptable performance. You can lookup with Google, or another search engine you prefer to use, for companies offering a paid proxy services.

Except the words mentioned above, paid proxy does not differ from a free proxy in any way, so the use and setting it up is almost the same.

By using anonymizers

Anonymizers are proxy servers, which are acting as websites. You just visit a website, put the Internet address (link), which you want to open, into the field, press a button and open it. It's a good solution for those, who need to open 1 or 2 pages anonymously and don't want to make any configurations on their PC. There are hundreds or even thousands of free anonymizers over the Internet, and it's very easy to find one good for you. When you'll find one, just bookmark it, and use it when you need.

By using VPN tunelling

It's the best method to hide your IP address. As a bonus, connection, established through Virtual Private Network (VPN), is fully encrypted and, as a result, a highly secured. So this method provides an ability not only to hide IP, but is a way to secure all your Internet traffic.

There is only one disadvantage of VPN services. Most of them are paid, and there is very hard to find a free one. By the way, prices on a market are not so high and will require only few dollars per month. promotes you the best VPN service we know with the lowest price you ever find.

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