On-Line Anti-Virus

If you had recieved some suspicious file from the network or just want to check a file before download it to your computer - this tool is intended to help you check such files.

Our anti-virus database updated every half-an-hour, so we are ready to find the latest viruses.

NOTE: maximum file size to upload is limited to 50Mb


Anti-Virus Statistics:

Known viruses: 1,103,938
Total files scanned: 3,870
Viruses found: 7
Top viruses:
Eicar-Test-Signature 3
Trojan.Duqu-4 1
Win.Trojan.Kuluoz-18 1
Trojan.Agent-250220 1
Win.Trojan.Aseye 1
Latest viruses:
Win.Trojan.Aseye 14-01-2013 03:44:46
Trojan.Agent-250220 11-01-2013 21:55:00
Win.Trojan.Kuluoz-18 04-01-2013 13:10:15
Eicar-Test-Signature 29-11-2011 10:09:57
Trojan.Duqu-4 29-11-2011 07:02:59